Eleni's Color Me Cookies

You guys! I am so excited to share this post with you! Today I am teaming up with Eleni's New York to share with you a creative, fun, and YUMMY activity that you can do with your kiddos.

I am from Arizona and summer weather is already here for us. I have mentioned it before, but it can get up to 115 most days and those are the days where you never want to leave the house. Although, we have the pool and all the water gadgets you can think of, staying inside is the best option. With a toddler sometimes keeping him occupied and busy in a house all day can be tough and the ideas can tend to run out. These Eleni's Color Me Cookies are the greatest invention for little people! I mean every child loves cookies and every child loves to color. So you combine the two and there you have it! Kid heaven.

These are cookies, yes completely edible, that come already shaped and iced. They are also certified Kosher and completely nut-free! Which means they are school safe, as many schools have restrictions on a no nut policy due to allergies. I have to say, Hudson's birthday is coming up here pretty soon (August baby-which is the hottest time of the year) and these are the perfect birthday actives the kids can do indoors to stay cool. Also, each holiday they release a new "Color Me! Gift Tin", so there is always something new and fun for each holiday!

We did the "On-The-Go" set, because you know, Hudson is obsessed with anything that has wheels on it! But, they also have a animal set, a flower set, a dog set, and a dinosaur set!

They come with these edible ink markers that the kids color and draw on the cookies with. They can be re-used for other edible actives. They have a shelf life of 2 years (no refrigeration necessary)!! Some fun ways to re-use the edible ink markers include:

1. Decorating Easter eggs, either on the shell or on the actual hard-boiled eggs (remember these have a shelf life of 2 years, so you can order now and use them for next Easter!)

2. Decorating Marshmallows

3. Decorating any cookies with white fondant or icing. 

Once they are done, they can eat their creation! The cookies can last up to 2- 3months (even longer if kept in the freezer! Just unthaw for a couple hours before using.) As mommy's we have a lot on our plate and don't always get to do things right away so if you order, you don't have to worry about rushing to get them done. You can also spread them out and just do a couple at a time.

Abrielle and Hudson had the BEST time doing these. We defiantly created lasting memories doing this and I am so grateful to Eleni's for sending these to us and allowing us to bond during this time with Hudson and Abrielle.

Use Code "braveblonde" for 15% off your purchase!

You won't regret getting these!

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