Bedtime Products

Hudson's Towel: Rh Baby and Child
Shampoo: Honest Company
Conditioner: Honest Company
Bath Bubbles: Honest Company
Face and Body Lotion: Honest Company 
Diapers: Honest
Toothbrush: Target
Toothpaste: Babyganics

A few weeks ago I did a blog post about bath time fun here. I got a lot of questions about what products I use on Hudson. So I thought I would share with you what bedtime products I love. Hudson LOVES bath time and loves to get ready to bed, minus the going to bed part. He could easily spend an hour in the bath, if I let him. And another hour of me reading him bedtime stories, while he drinks milk. I have mentioned it before, but since becoming a mother I am so much more cautious and aware of what I give and put on Hudson. When I discovered The Honest Company I felt so much more at ease knowing these were safe and chemical free products.

I have used all of these products since Hudson was born and I love them. My favorite sent is the "Dreamy Lavender."

I also linked Hudson's toothbrush, because HE LOVES IT! Brushing his teeth would be such a mess and hassel for the both of us. I tried electric toothbrushes, which Hudson enjoyed, but he would just want to play with it instead of actually brushing his teeth. I had actually got this toothbrush for a family trip we took, because it was cheap and I could just throw it away when the trip was over. I didn't realize that is has a timed light for 60 seconds to help kids know how long to brush their teeth. Hudson loves it because he gets to turn the light on and watch it flash in the mirror. Which distracts him, so I can brush his teeth. It also gives him a little bit of independence, because he gets to do something himself. A win win for both of us! It is also great for Abrielle (my five year old niece who I watch during the week) because she knows she brushes until the light turns off. 

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