Yuma County Fair 2017

Top: Topshop | Denim: Old similar here | Shoes: Nike | Sunglasses: Quay Australia

Hudson's Tee: Freckled and Co and Beau Hudson | Denim: Beau Hudson | Hat: George Hats | Shoes: Converse

Stroller: Graco

Every year our city puts on a local fair during Spring break week. Living in a small community there is no doubt that is the place to be. It definitely can get crowed real quick and for me (or I guess many other parents) it stresses me out. However, it was the best time and Hudson was just in awe! We of course went with Abrielle and her mommy and daddy, and my parents. I love watching Abby and Hudson grow up together and to be able to capture these memories to remember forever. 

The first day wasn't so bad because we went earlier and beat the evening crowds. Hudson was still to small to ride many of the kid rides, but he was perfectly fine riding the circle (aka ferris wheel) and the merry-go-round. He even got to ride a real pony, which he was just in total shock of. 

The second day we went just to see the demolishion derby, which I knew Hudson would enjoy. We pulled up at 4:30 PM (show didn't tip 7 PM) and the one stand was completely FULL! I almost didn't even want to stay because I knew it was going to be crowded and hectic. Not to mention right around Hudson's bedtime. So we rode the circle (ferris wheel) and the horses (merry-go-round) again and the kids got their faces/arms painted. We had to sit in the bleachers for an hour before the show started in order to get decent seats, so we grabbed some dinner and survived off of lollipops, cotton candy, and fruit snacks for that hour. Once it started, Hudson was just so fascinated with the car crashing into each other, especially when one caught on fire and the firemen ran out to save the day. 

Dinner for two days was nothing but cotton candy, popcorn, cinnamon rolls, and Carmel apples (at least we got in some fruit). And stayed up way past bedtime. Normally, I would get worried if Hudson didn't have at least so chicken and vegetables for dinner and in bed at a decent time. Although all that is important, I am so glad for times like this to create lasting memories with Hudson that he can always remember. 

As we were leaving the last night (I was completely wiped out with two days of the fair and not to mention an Easter party one of those days) Hudson was squeezing his hand bye-bye, he kept saying "bye circle, bye circle" (the ferris wheel that was lite up with lights). 

My heart just about exploded will so much joy and love. It was a good learning tool for me to remember it always doesn't have to be perfect and follow and exact scheudle we are used to and just enjoy Hudson, while he is still at this age. Because I know I won't get that moment every again and he only is this age for a little bit. We look forward to next year and more memories. And Hudson will be able to ride more of the rides.

Thanks for reading.

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