Bath Time Fun

Bath's are something that have to happen and something all kids do. So why not make the most of it and do something fun for both you and your kiddos. I love taking something ordinary and making it something fun that Hudson will always remember and one day pass down to his children. 

So I thought I would share with you some of our bath time fun that we do in our household. There is no doubt that there are a million bath toys out there. And they are great, Hudson could sit in the bath for hours playing with his bath trucks and animals if I let him. But I always love to change things up and make it a little extra special from time to time. And it doesn't have to be expensive or take a lot of effort.

Here is what we do for bath time fun:

1. This is Hudson's all time favorite, and I learned this from Abrielle's mommy. I get a bunch of glow sticks and throw them in the bath and turn off the lights and let him play away. There is still usually enough light outside to where he and I can still see. Sometimes we even put some music on and Hudson just has the time of his life. Glow sticks are so cheap and you can find packs of these anywhere for a dollar. I usually find them in the dollar section at Target.

2. Another thing Hudson loves, is these crayola bath dropz. Especially now that he knows his colors, he LOVES to pick what color he wants his bath to be. And of course he requests his bubbles too! We use Honest Bubble Bath in "Dreamy Lavender" (the "Apricot Kiss" smells kinda funny). You only need 1 color bath drop for the bath, the more you use the darker it is.

3. Now this one is my favorite too! These Bath Crayons are seriously the best invention EVER! They work so well and Hudson just loves to color all over the place with it. They are less than $5 for a 5 pack and are currently on sale at Target right now. I was just there on Monday and got a few more packs for Hudson's Easter basket. Sometimes when I am getting the bath ready I will write a little message for Hudson on the wall. Even though he can't read, I know one day he will and it will put a smile on his face.

 I have also purchased the Crayola Bath Markers and these are great too, but for older kids. These require you to squeeze and press in order to work and Hudson hasn't really figured that out yet, unless he squeezes it and it all comes pouring out. We have also tired the Crayola First Bath Markers and these don't work as well as the other bath markers. These like the other require you to squeeze and press, but they are very light and watery so it makes it harder for the kids to see what they are playing with. Kinda a waste of money. All are easy clean up, you just rub off with water.

4. We also love to use the "Crayola Bath Paint" (HERE) but I always find it in the dollar section at Target and just stock up, because they are only a $1 each. Now as you can see, it looks messy, but it really isn't. It is pretty watery, so it just glides and wipes right off. I put a little bit on Hudson's hands and he just paints away. Just like the crayons, it just comes right off with water.

A little mom side note: I always keep a bottle of the Honest Bathroom Cleaner and a scrub brush next to all the shampoo and soap. It just makes it easier to clean the shower while you are in it. I also leave some Clorox Wipes and these Windex Wipes under the sink for quick touch clean ups. The Clorox Toilet Wand is also great! Just make sure you keep out of reach of children.

5. And of course, Bath Toys. I've linked some our favorites below. I especially love the Munchkin Letters and Numbers. I'm sure we all own these. Take advantage of them and the bath time. Use it as a teaching tool in a fun environment. I only threw in a few random letters in Hudson's bath when he transitioned from this duck bath (which is amazing!!!) to just the bath. This is where he first learned the letter "H" and from there we just added more letters for him to learn. 

We had this toy scoop to clean up all the bath toys and it would NEVER would stick to the wall and would always fall down in the middle of the night and scare the crap out of me, so I ended up buying this one and it is great, just a pain to pick up all the toys one by one. However, Hudson is at the age where he knows to pick up his toys and put them away. It's good to teach them to pick up after themselves. 

Bath Toys Hudson Loves

Bath Products We Use:
Honest Bath and Shampoo ("Dreamy Lavender" is my favorite)
Honest Conditioner
Honest Bubble Bath
Honest Body Lotion (I rotate with this)

Hudson's Hooded Towel: RH Baby and Child

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