Squeaky Pops (yum yum)

I am so excited to share with you these delicious Squeaky Pops! These are not your average pops.

When parents couldn't find a healthy great tasting treat to give to their son they decided to created their own and out came Squeaky Pops.  I have mentioned it many times in my blog posts, but since becoming a mother it is important to me to use healthy and safe products in our home. This also includes food and beverages. 

Which is why I love Squeaky Pops. They are natural, dairy free, and gluten free real fruit bars. Each box comes with five bars and there are six yummy flavors to choose from: strawberry, strawberry lemonade, very berry, peachy orange, chocolate strawberry, and chocolate peachy orange. My personal favorite is the strawberry. Hudson's favorite is the chocolate strawberry and Abrielles's favorite is peachy orange. I am rely on Squeaky Pops to keeping the kids and I cool during the summer heat. It has warmed up a lot faster this year than before (it was between 92-97 degrees) so these couldn't have arrived at a better time than now! The kids get so excited because they know once Hudson gets up from his afternoon nap, we fill up the pool, put the swim suits and sunscreen on, and grab our Squeaky Pops. Come July we can get up to triple digits of 115 degrees. So yes, I will be keeping a freezer full of Squeaky Pops!

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