Learning Resources Round Up

A few days ago I posted a picture on Instagram stories of Hudson with a color matching project and got a FLOOD of questions. They are actually two different toys that I combined. The bowls are actually Facial Emotions from Discovery Toys  and the little colored items are Spark, Create, Imagine

So I thought I would do a blog post about it along with some of my other favorite learning toys that I find really helpful with Hudson and Abrielle (who is five). One thing I love to do is change things up. I love rotating Hudson's toys in and out (except his trucks) so he doesn't get bored with the same stuff. Plus when you pull out other toys that have been put away, it is like you just got an Amazon Prime order in the mail or did a massive Target toy spree! Plus it keeps things fresh and new for the kiddos.

I also love to change his room around. The other day it was an hour before bedtime, so I thought it would be the perfect time to rearrange the furniture in Hudson's room (insert the rolling of the eyes emoji here). But it was worth it and I really LOVE how it turned out! I will have to show you guys it sometime. 

Since Hudson was about 6 months old I created this little area for him and started to hang flash cards on the wall (laminated of course). I put everything from colors to shapes, to even the faces of past President's face up there. Six months and could have cared less...or so I thought. The funny thing is I had 4 sight words on that wall, hand, foot, moon, and sun, and guess what? Those were some of his first words he said and recognized. So I am a firm believer that keeping things in front of them is beneficial. Even if your not necessarily "teaching" it to them. Hudson knows all of his colors and most of the basic shapes (square is one he has a hard time with). And I am in the process of teaching him the letters of his name and his numbers (he only knows one and two). This is by no means to brag on him, but it is something I get asked often and I really don't have a "this is how to do it" answer. Just sharing what I have and am doing that is helping Hudson. And in a couple of weeks I will pull all of it down and do something different with this area. 

I have linked my most used and current favorites of Hudson's stuff along with some resources I use for Abrielle. If you have any questions, please feel free to let me know.

Learn My Colors: Spark, Create, Imagine (Amazon) (I have also seen this brand at Wal-Mart) Counting Jars: Spark, Create, Imagine 
Fun Fish Colors: Spark, Create, Imagine (Amazon) 
Learning Money Jar: Spark, Create, Imagine (Amazon) 
Match It "Mathematics": Learning Journey (Amazon) 
Match It "Spelling" The Learning Journey (Amazon)
Wooden Counting Numbers and Rods: Amazon

Lift and Learn Colors and Shapes: The Learning Journey (Amazon) 
Shape Puzzle: Melissa and Doug (Amazon) 
Flip Flop Facial Emotions: Discovery Toys 
Eggspressions Toy with Book: Amazon 

All Flash Cards I got in the dollar section at Target, but I linked similar ones below
Shapes, Colors, Letters, and Number Flash Card Pack: Amazon 
Space Flash Cards: Amazon 
 Matching Flash Cards: Amazon 
Same or Different Flash Cards: Amazon 

Carrot Garland: Target (last year) similar here | Bunny Garland: Target (last year) love this one and this one | Table: Target with these chairs

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