Valentine's Goody Bags

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, I know a lot of you mamas are gearing up for those school goody bags to share with your kiddo's classmates.  

With my local mom's group we always have holiday "get togethers" or parties. One thing I enjoy doing is making small, simple goody bags for the kids. One thing to remember is you can make the smallest and cheapest goody bag look amazing. You really only need a few little things and CANDY! You stick candy in it and kids are sold.
Also, you don't need to buy a bunch of things to fill up the goody bag or box (depending on what you are using). At Halloween time, I had gotten some boxes in the dollar section at Target and when I started to put the stuff in the box it looked ridiculous! There were only a few things in this HUGE box. So I bought some super cute Halloween tissue paper (again very inexpensive) and stuffed the bottom of it to make it look fuller.

The tool and the trick is the presentation of it. Now, thanks to the Target dollar section there are so many options available that doesn't hurt the bank account. These Valentine bags I got at Target, two for a dollar, I didn't need to put together as many as I normally do, so this is why I went with these. The next thing you want is a pretty gift tag to let everyone know who the gift is from. There are so many cute options out there too! Michael's is also a great place to shop for this kind of stuff. They always have good sales and coupons as well. I also get something to attach the gift tag to the good bag or gift. This can either be with some cute ribbon, which is very inexpensive and tie a pretty bow, or if you have a lot to do and do not have a lot of time, these cute clothes pins are so cute to use to attach the gift tag.

The little "LOVE" charms pictured above are actually wine charms. I obviously am not handing out wine to children, but I just had to have them! I figured I would use them for something. I recently was invited to a shower I couldn't attend and wrapped the gift card with ribbon and attached the charm to the envelope to make it look special instead of just a plain envelope.

I normally buy the goodies from Oriental Trading, because I can get in bulk for cheap. However, this time I didn't need the bulk buy and it was cheaper for me to get at Target

Valentine Goody Bags: Target (dollar section) similar here and here | Tissue Paper: Target  and love this one  | Bubbles: Target | Tassels, Ribbon, and Tags: Target (dollar section) Heart Glasses: Target | Bouncy Balls: Target | Individual Boxed Sweethearts: Target

Hope you enjoyed this!

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