Valentine Treats

Happy Love Month!

 In honor of it being February 1st (which is crazy to me!) I am sharing yummy EASY Valentine treats! You can either do them with you kiddo(s), like I did with my niece, Abrielle, while Hudson napped. Or if you have a little one like my hudson who could care less and just wants to eat it them, you can give as an afternoon snack. These are also the perfect and inexpensive V-day classroom treats and/or parties. Baking and cooking is not my gifting, thus why I say EASY (LOL!). Hope you enjoy!

Treat #1: 
"Valentine Snack Mix"
What I used:
-Popped Popcorn
-1 box of Chex Cereal
-Chocolate M&M's (I realized I forgot to put these in the picture...OPPS!)
-Heart Candies
-White Chocolate Chips
- Pink Candy Melts

I mixed everything in a bowl. Heated up the pink candy melts for about 2 min in microwave (package is hot so be careful when removing). Squish around to make sure it is the consistently you want. If too thick heat up for about 30 more seconds. Then drizzled all over. Mixed again. Let sit until the drizzled candy has hardend. Cupcake liners are perfect to serve these in. Small portions and easy clean up.

Treat #2: 
"Valentine Marshmallow Treat"

What I used:
-1 Bag of jumbo marshmallows
-Valentine Straws or cake pop sticks
-Strawberry Frosting 
-Valentine Sprinkles
-Wax Paper

Heat up strawberry frosting for about 20-30 seconds. Put marshmallows on tip of the straw. Dip marshmallows into the frosting. Sprinkle sprinkles on top. Set on wax paper to cool. Ready to eat.

Treat #3: 
"Valentine Cookie"
What I used:
-1 pack of Vanilla and Strawberry Wafers
-Valentine Sprinkles
-Pink and Red Candy Melts
-Wax Paper

Melt candy melts in microwave for 2 mines (or until melted). Dip (as much as you want) wafer into melted candy. Lay flat on wax paper and sprinkle with sprinkles. Let stand until candy has hardend. Put on a cute plate and ready to serve. Hudson only ate the part with the candy and sprinkles, of course.

Hope you enjoy this these treats with your little humans.

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