Raising a Boy

If I were to define a boy in my own words this is what it would be...

boy: a little human running at the speed of light with dirt filled hands, grass stained jeans and pockets full of rocks, standing and jumping off of the tallest things in the house to give mommy a heart attack. 

As some of you may know, I struggled for two years with infertility, you can read the full story here . From the moment we found out we were pregnant, I really did not care whether it was a boy or a girl. We were just excited and blessed beyond measure we finally got our little miracle. I couldn't wait to find out! I remember when we were on our way to the ultrasound I was a ball of emotions. One, I couldn't wait to officially shop for clothes and accessories, two, I knew it just feel more real for me.

We had a gender reveal party and used silly string. As soon as the blue color came out, I just starting crying! I was having a little BOY! I was so excited! My first reaction was I can totally throw a ball in heels :) And I'm not gonna lie sometimes when we come home from church Hudson gets on his little power wheels quad and I have to be out there in my "Sunday Best"...heels included.

Once reality set in, I knew that I was given this little boy for a specific reason. One thing I constantly prayed for was he would be brave and strong in this world. To see need around him and have the courage to respond to it. To love God and respect people no matter their shape, size, color, or culture. And I know one day he is going to change this world.

I by no means think I know it all about raising boys. I realize their are moms with more kids, more boys, and have been doing this a lot longer. I am just sharing fives things I have learned these last 17 months of raising a boy. Shall I add, that I have loved every minute of it.

1. Boys are wired differently. They are more aggressive (and physical) than girls (which I believe comes from testoerone). They love loud noises, trucks, trains, airplanes, and anything that can be used as a ball. They are fearless (which scares the day lights out of us mommies). They really do think and process things a lot differently than girls do. For example, Hudson will give Abrielle a hug and before she knows it, it will turn into a full on tackle match and he is on top of her, hysterically laughing.

One thing I love to do is observe. I feel like I learn so much about life this way. I especially love to observe all the little children play on the playground at Abrielle's preschool. Hudson loves to stay for their morning play time. The biggest thing I notice is how the boys and the girls play differently. The girls will be giggling and smiling digging holes in the sand with the shovels, while the boys stick them together to make guns (no gonna lie that freaks me out, but no judgement). My point is they are different than girls and we can't expect them to act and do things as females do, because they are not females.

2. Its okay if he is dirty. I will admit I am a complete germ freak. I go through hand sanitizer, soap, and clorox wipes like water. I remember Hudson would get dirt and dog hair on his hands from crawling and the floor and I would freak out. My mom always tells me "its okay Hannah, he is a boy". There was a point where if there was something on Hudson's hands he would look at it and say "ewww." Thats when I knew I better chill, because he was picking up on my OCD. I have come a long way in my germ ways, but I still make him wash his hands before he eats. Other than that, he is free to be dirty.

3. They just keep going, going, going. You know, like the energizer bunny. I am exhausted by 10 am! LOL. However, as I am educating myself on raising a boy I realize it is completely normal and healthy. And I am willing to let some things around the house get broken and stained in the process.

4. They are tender hearted and need the same amount of love. I'm going to be really honest and personal here. My biological father walked out on his family (my mom, my two older brothers, and myself) when I was young. The time that he was around he was verbal and physically abusive to my older brothers. Even though, I was young and really didn't comphrend it all, I knew and understood pain and hurt when I saw it. I won't go into any detail, because I think you get the point. I am by no means jusifiying his actions, and there are a lot of things that caused him to do this, but I think one big thing was his perspective on "boys". They are suppose to be tough and take it like a man. Put downs and being rough was the teaching tool. I think he thought he was building some sort of character in them, when he was actually tearing it down. Just because they are males doesn't mean they have any less feelings and emotions. Girls are just better at showing and verbilizing them (aka drama queens). Hudson is on the go 24/7 and the longest period of time he sits still is when he is asleep either asleep or if we are reading a book. But man when he cuddles, HE CUDDLES! AND IT IS DELICIOUS! Sometimes he will run up to me in the middle of something and he will just say
"mama " and reach up those tiny arms to me. And I pretty much fly threw the air to pick him up.

Side note, my mom re married the most amazing man, who actually helped my brothers walk me down the aisle. And Hudson absolutely adores him. Both of my brothers are THE most incredible men. One has a family and is the best father and daddy to his family. And my amazing mother did that all on her own as a single mother.

5. They are just as much fun to shop for (this one is for fun)! When everyone begin to hear the news we were having a boy, other than congrats, the one thing I would get was "they aren't they funnest to shop for, but the are fun". I disagree, shopping for Hudson is just as fun to shop for as it is shopping of Abrielle. Girls, do have a better selection and there are more options, but fashion has come along way for boys. I will link some of my favorite places to shop are for Hudson.

They last thing I will leave you with, is boys do adore their mommy's. If your a single mama reading this, be encouraged. You are not alone. There are so many great resources out there for you to help and guide you through this season in your life. Also, let number four encourage you. My mom raised three children, with no help or financial support. I think we all turned out to be great adults.

Cardigan: Beau Hudson | White Tee: Beau Hudson | Denim: Beau Hudson | Beanie: Beau Hudson | Shoes: Converse

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Favorite Places to shop for Hudson
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    1. You are the sweetest! Thank you so much, that means a lot to me. xoxo