I have an 18 Months Old

I can't believe I am writing this post. When I was pregnant and buying baby clothes I remembering seeing sizes 12-18 months. I thought "Oh, an 18 month old, I have so much time before then." Little did I know that this day is now here and came quicker than I could have expected. For some reason I had this vision in my head that when you "had an 18 month to a 2 year old"  it was like YIKES! Maybe because whenever I would hear people talk about their 18 month old it was always associated with negativity and chaos. 

I love this stage. However, I loved all stages and really tried my best to enjoy each one with all its gifts and challenges. I mean there is a lot of chaos but the kind that makes my heart feel so fulfilled. And I cant wait to see all the more growing and learning that will take place even just over the next 6 months. OH-MY-GOSH, that means in 6 months I will have a two year old!!! I want to crawl in a corner and cry! Well, in honor of my baby boy I am sharing my favorite 18 memories of Hudson.

1. The day you were born! (Obviously!) It wasn't the labor and delivery I planned or imaged I would have, but I will never forget it, you can read all about it here

2. The day we brought you home. I was in so much pain and could barely walk. And I couldn't get my meds until the next morning since we were released from the hospital Saturday evening and everything was closed. Neither me or your daddy had any idea what the heck we were doing so we asked your nana (my mom) to stay the night. Thank goodness she did, because we were so tired and I seriously could not move to lean over and pick you up out of the bassinet. Plus you were a little fussy so she stayed up with you so we could get some rest. Also, it was the first time I had a Starbucks in 9 months and it was so delicious!!! This was also the first time you met Abrielle since they would only allow adults and siblings in the room. 

3. The day we realized something was wrong with your neck. At Hudson's 2 month check up, his pedestrian noticed that Hudson would only turn and look to his left side. I had realized he would only sleep on his left side and in all of my pictures of him laying down...again his head was always to the left side. Basically, he had "torticollis", which was basically a twisted neck. This is more common than we knew. We had to take him to a special physical therapist 2 times a week for 6 weeks and then I had to constantly work with him all day long.

4. The day I took you to the grocery store all by myself. This was a complete disaster. You were about 6 weeks old and I had taken you out before...with my mom and you did so good, so I thought for sure I would fine. Well I didn't bring my wrap, because you were asleep and I didn't want to wake you. The carseat took up the entire cart, and you cried the entire time. I was so embarrassed. Lets just say that was the last time I forgot the wrap.

5. The first time you slept through the night. You were three months old and it was the weirdest feeling ever to sleep a whole night through. I remember you walking up and realizing the sun was out!

6. The day you first started to suck your thumb. This is also what helped you sleep through the night because you could self soothe yourself. It was the most precious thing I had saw. However, this lasted about a month and you were over the thumb.

7. The days we would walk to Starbucks for breakfast or an afternoon snack. You LOVE to be outside and love to go for walks. We lived within walking distances to a Starbucks so we would do this regularly. It also helped you fall asleep for your morning nap too :)

8. The day you first laughed. It was complety out of the blow and I wasn't even trying. You were laying on the bed at Nana's house (my mom) and I was changing your diaper and Abrielle and I were playing "Cinderella" and I was the step-mother. So I yelled to Abby "Cinderella, come here!" And you thought that was the funniest thing EVER! You couldn't stop laughing.

9. The days we would nap together. Well more like you would nap and I would watch you nap. The biggest advice I was given was to cherish every moment, because it flies by. So up until you were about three to four months old I would either hold you while you napped or we would lay on the bed together until you feel asleep. This was and still is by more my favorite thing to do. Which is why I am okay with the nights you sleep with me.

10. The day you first sat up all by yourself. Was also the day you got your first ouchy. You were sitting up and there were a bunch of toys all around you and as I went to go move them, in case you fell forward of backyards, sure enough you feel face first into the toys! I felt like a horrible mother! I bet myself up over this one for a while :(

11. The day you first had solids. I was the crazy mother that did not want to give you anything besides breast milk before 6 months. So as soon as you turned 6 months I began solids. I first introduced butternut squash and you weren't a fan. I made all your food from scratch so I was just getting the hang of it all. I eventually was a pro at making and storing baby food.

12. The day you first started to crawl. It was more of like an army crawl and it was the cutest thing ever!

13. The day you stood up for the first time. I remember being so excited and instantly knew my baby was growing up...FAST! And walking was just around the corner.

14. The day we celebrated my first Mother's Day. I know this is a special day for all moms. But it is REALLY special for me! There was once a day I thought I would never get to be called "mom" and that was a really tough thing to process. I was pregnant with you during Mother's Day and that was really special, but it was so much more special celebrating it with you in my arms.

15. The day we took you to the beach for the first time. It was messy!!! I really didn't think through the whole sunscreen process with the beach sand. And you stick everything in your mouth. So I knew you were going to eat a lot of sand that day.

16. The day you said your first word. It was "dog". I was really hoping it would be "mom". But you said "mama" on December 23, 2016. Ya could say "octopus" but not mom?!

17. The day you took your first step. You were eleven months old. I remember being so scared to let you go to take those steps, but I knew I would eventually have to let you do it on your own. The funny thing was you wouldn't venture to walk unless their two people. I think you were a little scared too. So, we let you go and you were so wobbly but oh so cute! I was proud!!

18. The day we celebrated you being one year old. This was really hard for me to take in, as it is for most moms. It's at that moment you are no longer in the "baby" phase and more of a toddler. Of course, we threw you the biggest party that you could have cared less about, but we will always make a big deal about the day you were born.

I know this was more written for Hudson to read one day, but thanks for stopping by!

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