What Motherhood Has Taught Me Thus Far

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I realize that I only have one child and he is only 17 months old, but I feel like we can all learn and grow from each other's experiences and perspectives. When I look back at my journey as a mother thus far there is a lot I would do different and a lot I wouldn't. However, I take those moments as teaching tools to make me a better mother and to realize what is truly important. I am so thankful that children have unconditional love and forgiveness. AND they give us "do over" moments every day! Today I am sharing six things motherhood continues to teach me one a daily basis. And by no means have I mastered any of these.

1. It doesn't have to be perfect...nor do they want it perfect. 
I have major OCD. Organization is my middle name. I can't stand when things are a mess or cluttered. I remember prior to Hudson, I would seriously clean my house every night even after working a 8 plus hour day at work, while pregnant. Now, that I look back there wasn't even anything to clean up!! Oh how my little Hudson has taught me it is okay to have toys all over the place. And to not run around behind him picking them up. A lot of times, I will be in the middle of washing dishes and Hudson will run up, squeeze himself in front of me, and hold those sweet little arms up for me to hold him. It is at those times that I realize everything else can wait and to enjoy each moment with him. Dishes will be there for a lifetime.

2. Be present. 
Oh man this is a good one and so hard to do. As moms we have a million things to think of, do and are constantly being pulled in a bunch of different directions...ALL THE TIME. And its so hard to just be present at that very moment. Especially with a social media driven world you can look around in a restaurant and about 95% of everyone is on their cell phones. GUILTY! There is even times when my mom is like "Hannah, Hudson is trying to show you something" and I seriously want to break my phone. But, I am learning from moments like that to put the cell phone away and only pull it out at certain specific times (like nap times). Again, I am still learning and even trying to break that habit of always reaching for the phone. Just this week Abrielle and Hudson were sitting at the dinning room table (which they never do) and Abrielle was so content playing with her dolls by herself and Hudson had one of his buses and was just sliding it back and forth to himself. It was fairly quiet and neither one of them needed me or even wanted me to play with them. That could have been a perfect time for me to check my email and scroll through Instagram. However, I made a conscience decision to leave the phone there and just watch them play.

3. Life is not an emergency.
I remember reading this in a book called One Thousand Gifts. Out of that entire book this is the one thing that has stuck with me over the years. When I started watching Abrielle there was another little human to take care and feed, which meant double the work, and double the busy. I absolutely love watching her and it has been so good for Hudson-which I am so thankful for. It took me a while to get into a routine of preschool drop off, Hudson's nap schedule, lunch, errands, housework, etc... There were some days where I always felt like I was in a 'hurry" all the time. And I was missing out on all those little moments. And not just missing out, but not enjoying and appreciating them. Over Christmas break I really started to re vamp the way I was doing things to relive the stress off of me and the kids. I get there are groceries to be shopped for and laundry that has to be done, but I think taking a step back and taking the time to write out what are the priorities for the day and what can I realistically get accomplished in that day with two kiddos. This has been life changing for me! And it has only been 2 weeks. Another thing that has helped me so much is realizing I cant and don't need to do everything. Let me give you an example: I am involved in a mom's group and there are certain events and get togethers that happen through out the month and as much as I would love to participate in them all, I just cant. So picking out a few ones I know the kids will really enjoy and let that be it for the month. Some days its just nice to be home and do nothing...and let the kids destroy the house.

4. Allow room for mistakes. 
Sometimes as moms or even as women we love to beat ourselves up. I feel like I am queen of this. Whether it be forgetting about a soccer practice or snapping at your child because you have had a long hard day at work. We have to give ourself grace. Just like we do our children. We are going to make mistakes, we are going to mess up royally, but I am learning to take responsiblity and then change. Thats all we can do. The thing I love most is children are the most forgiving. And no matter what we still rule their world and they love us!

5. Priorities. 
I kind of talked about this in number three. But again, one thing that has made a huge differnce is planning my week and then by day. I make a list of everything I need to do that week and what functions I have going on, and plug them in. Sometimes I have to cut things out for me not to feel stressed. This may sound funny, but I always try and allow some extra "Hudson Time". What I mean by this, is I give myself time when Im getting ready or have something going on for the moments Hudson runs up to me with a book for me to read to him. Or when an airplane flies over our neighborhood and we have to run out to find it.

Sometimes us moms have to make ourselves a priority too. I have a really hard time with this. When Hudson was born, I felt like I was a horrible mother for leaving him to do something for myself. And if I am being totally honest, which I vow to do, I still struggle with this. This is one big reason I jumped into blogging. It is something I enjoy doing. But anyways, we have to take care of ourselves in order to be the best version our ourselves we can be. You can not constantly give and pour out without filling your cup up too.

6. Moms are super humans!
Seriously we are! Not saying dads aren't amazing, because they are. They go out and work long hard hours to make sure we have food on the table and a roof over our heads. But I am always amazed by what we moms can do. I mean, we can carry the diaper bag, one baby on the hip, while holding the other one's hand, and carry in tall he groceies. Or managing to take a shower in 4 mins or less. Or managing to get our selves ready, breakfast served, 5 loads of laundry, wash dishes, unload the dishwasher, and mop the floor all before 10 am! And thats just half of it. We are a lot stronger than we think and more amazing than we give ourselfs credit for. And those babies are so lucky to have you as their mommy!

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