Mom Life is the Best Life (Really!)

Sweater: Ily Couture | Jacket: Old similar here and here | Jeans: Forever 21 | Shoes: Nike 

Hudson's Tee: Ily Couture | Cardigan: Beau Hudson | Denim: Beau Hudson | Beanie: Beau Hudson | Shoes: Converse

I never get tired of hearing this saying. I think it has become "so popular" we forget the actually meaning behind it. Being a mom is so much more than having children.

It's putting the cell phone away when they want to show you their toys or run out their room with a book for you to read to them. (Hudson does this frequently!) Most times it's when I'm in a rush to throw on some make-up or do my hair and running late for something. However, I feel like those are the times they need us the most. I have learned to plan "ahead" and do my best to leave "Hudson Time" for moments like that. And if I'm a little bit late, life will continue on.

It's sometimes canceling "your plans" to stay at home in jammies and do nothing. It's stopping in the middle of cleaning and having a million things to do to run out for ice cream. It's watching them play quietly by themselves (or with others) with the biggest smile on your face knowing you LABORED (or felt like you were being tortured..OUCH!) for that little person and would do it all over again if it meant having them in your arms and kissing those sweet cheeks. It's seeing them laugh and smile at the littlest and silliest things, like the dog jumping up and down, and everything else your facing or struggling with just melts away. It's watching them sleep, thanking God for giving you that miracle  and knowing they are destined for greatness... and doing EVERYTHING in your power to draw that out of them. We live in a world where to be honest,  I'm scared to death to let Hudson out of my sight, because you turn on the television and see how innocent children are being bullied, hurt, and tortured for just being themselves. My responsibility as a mother is to raise my child (or children) not to have the expensive clothing, newest and biggest toys, the latest and greatest, or how many friends they have, it's to raise them to be a human being that can make a difference on this earth. A difference in a way that makes other children feel appreciated, accepted, respected, loved, and valued. I pray that Hudson would be brave enough to see need around him and respond to it. 

Being a mom has taught me how self-less you have to be. It's the greatest title and name I have been given and one I would never change for anything in this world. It's the best job EVER!