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So this post is long over due and is my number one question I receive. I'm going to be honest it's long over due because I haven't wanted to do it. However, I share my life and what works for me to inspire and help other moms. And I want to be open and honest with all of you. I am so grateful for women like my mom and my sister-in-law (Abrielle's mommy) who have paved the way in being amazing mothers, who I have learned a great deal! So I can't take credit for it all.  I don't want this to seem by any means that I am the perfect mother with the perfect child. I also recognize that Hudson isn't the smartest kid on the planet. I was watching the news on Monday and there was a four year old girl reading MLK Jr.'s speech. FOUR YEARS OLD! 

I have only been a mom for 17 months and I don't have all the answers and still walking this journey out and learning as I go. 

My number one question I get is how I work with hudson in teaching him how to talk and learn. Let me give you a little background on me. I am the baby of 2 brothers, who are seriously BRILLIANT! I on the other hand was the social butterfly who would study for an entire weekend, with tutoring and still would get a "C" on my exam. My mom had to put me in private tutoring when I was in Jr. High for reading and writing. Learning didn't come easy for me and I struggled, but I did my best.

Okay back on topic. When Hudson was 6 months old (when I introduced solids) I began doing sign language to/with him. I knew this was good for any and all children. I really pushed for it so he would be able to communicate with me. I started with "please" and "all done". To be honest, after about a month or so I started to regressive. Hudson didn't seem to be interested or responding to it. One day I was ready to feed him and asked him to say "please" and he rubbed his chest! I about flipped out! This whole time I thought he wasn't paying attention or learning, but he was! He only learned three signs (please, thank you, and all done) I tried "milk" too, but he never picked up on it. Now he just says "milk". So don't give up or even get frustrated.  

Another thing I do with Hudson is read books. This may sound funny, but I would read to him in the womb and would even record my voice reading to him and attach my belly buds to my tummy and play it from my phone while I was at work (not saying that this has anything to do with it... I don't know). Most of his books are books about animals, numbers, colors, or any lift and flap books. The lift and flap books are his favorite and I remember reading that these types of books are the best for children because it encourages them to engage. I also, started taking him to "baby time" at our local library when he was about 7/8 months old. Aside from his trucks and balls, all of his toys are all toys that promote colors, numbers, shapes, and sight words. Whatever he is playing with I am constantly and consistently telling him what it is. For example: Snack. I have made a bottom drawer in our pantry that has snacks that he can have. Whenever, it was snack time, I would say "snack" (about a million times) and then walk him over to the door and show him. Now, he runs opens the door, picks out what he wants and runs to me yelling "nack, nack". I do this will all his toys too.

Whether he gets something right or not I always make a big deal out of it, tell him "good job" etc so it encourages him to continue. I also don't want Hudson to even think that my love for him is performance based. 

Another thing is I just talked, point, and show him what things are. Hudson RARELY watches tv or electronic devices. Honestly, I never have the TV on anyways. I like to watch the news in the morning, but I remember when he was a newborn I didn't like to have the TV on when he was awake, because I felt like there was a lot going on and it was overwhelming for me. Now, I am not against this or pass judgement on parents who do. In the future, we will get him a Kindle for learning apps and games. One time I had to let him watch you tube videos on my phone of garbage trucks during church, because he was just all over the place.  I am starting to introduce a little bit of TV. I mean we just went to Disneyland and the kid could have cared less about any of the characters. 

Here is an example of something Hudson recently learned. Hudson loves dogs and loves to be outside. We have two dogs and one day he walked to where some of their poop was (gross I know!). I almost freaked out, because I thought he was going to pick it up. I quickly told him it was "poop" and "ewww" and we got the shovel and cleaned up all the poop. Every since then he loves it! Everyday he looks forward to "picking up the poop." So the next time he pooped in his diaper I showed him and said "poop" and just did it every time he had a dirty diaper. Now, Hudson tells me every time he poops and 95% of the time he does (the other 5% is him trying to delay going to sleep). 

I hope this all makes sense. Again, I'm not trying to "brag" just sharing what has worked for us since a lot of you have asked. My advice to you would be repetition and don't give up.

 I have linked some toys, books, and puzzles that Hudson has, which in my opinion have really helped with his learning and talking. Also, head over to my snapchat later today and I will do a tour of Hudson's room and go into depth on this post. 

Snapchat Username: hannahmtovar (don't forget the "m") 

I hope this helps. Feel free to leave me any questions you may have.

Sweater: Ily Couture | Leggings: Forever 21 | Slippers: Ugg | Glasses (prescription) : Versace 

Hudson's Pajamas: Burtes Bees (onesie version sold out) two piece here and here (2T and up) love this and this too

( My two favorite brands are "Learning Resources" and "Spark" )

Learn Colors Book | Farm Animal with Sounds Book | Lift and Flap Books (all of these books are Hudson's favorite)

Chairs: Overstock | Table: Target (still need to paint) | Elephant Rocker: Pottery Barn Kids | Giraffe: Pottery Barn Kids | Elephant: Pottery Barn Kids | Rug: Rugs USA 

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