Halloween/Fall Craft Ideas

So this is a little bit of a different post then what you are used to seeing. I thought I would share with you some of the daily things I do with Hudson, we aren't always dressed up! 

Here are some of the recent crafts we have done. These are perfect for all ages.

1. Painted Pumpkin: This was the pumpkin that Hudson picked out when we went to the Pumpkin Patch with my Mom's Club a few weeks ago. I stuck him in his high chair with just a diaper on and splattered different colored paint on the pumpkin and just let him smear away (with his hands). I used acrylic paint from Michaels only because I knew the washable kids paint would just crack and peel when it dried (learned from experience). Hudson used to eat paint, but he has learned not to put it in his mouth so I was okay with him painting with it.

2. Mason Jar Pumpkin: I posted this on my instagram story and snapchat last week. I actually found these (Abrielle, my niece, did a cat one) in the dollar section at Target. I advise not to use the paint it comes with (it is so hard to get off the kiddos hands and will stain any wood and clothing). However, you can do a DYI version.

Here is what you will need:
1. Mason Jar
2. Orange (inside the jar) and Green paint (for the lid)
3. 2 green pipe cleaners (wrap one around the lid and twist the other and glue to the top of the lid)
4. Jack O' Lantern cut out with either black foam or card stock paper (glue on the make the face you desire)

3. Trick or Treat Feet: I love anything that I can use his hand and foot print. I feel like I am able to keepsake those tiny growing hands and feet while doing something fun with him! It was so fun to do with Hudson. He laughed the entire time because the paint and the paint brush tickled his feet. I was actually shocked at how well his footprints came out, because usually they don't! 

1. I put Hudson in his hair chair and painted one foot all white and placed it on a black piece of paper.

2. I painted the opposite foot starting with the heel white, yellow, and orange.

3. Let Dry

4. Paint ghost face.

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