Hudson meets Great-Grandpa

We have made it to Georgia!! Hudson did so amazing on his first flights! I was so worried he would be fussy with being restricted in a small area, but he was a total champ and slept on both flights (that were back to back).

My grandpa, his wife, and 1 of my aunts and uncles (who are way younger than me) live in Georgia and it was important to me that Hudson meet his great-grandpa. I have always been close with my grandpa ever since I was little girl and I know there are a lot of people who love me, but no one loves me like my grandpa. So this was a pretty special moment for me and him to meet Hudson. Of course I cried when I saw them.

Today we want to a butterfly garden and it was absolutely beautiful! When you live in the desert and everything there is brown and sand, you learn to appreciate all the GREEN! Here are a few photos I captured. This "top" is actually a dress, but I was freezing!!! So I had no other choice but to put pants on. Guess it turned out to be a cute top :)

Hope you had a fabulous weekend!

Hannah and Hudson

Dress / JeansFlats Hudson's Sweater / Hudson's Jeans

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