Brickyard Buffalo

So if you have never heard of Brickyard Buffalo, stop what you are doing and go to their website and join the mailing list. Promise you won't regret it! They sell everything from clothing, jewelry, to stuff for kiddos. 

It was such a pleasure to work with the Brickyard Buffalo team. This dress is fabulous! The material is lightweight and wears like butter. It is the "Sloan Dress" in white and is $21-you can't beat that! And when it says "fits like a glove" it really does (fits true to size).  Since having Hudson form fitting clothing ain't my thing if you know what I mean. But this dress is slim "looking" without accenting the features we try to hide. I just love it! 

Snag yours today before it's gone! Happy Shopping. 

Dress Here /Shoes Here / Vest (old) similar Here and Here 

Hudson's Outfit

Amen Tee Here / Pants Here / Cap Here


Hannah and Hudson 

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