So....I was trying to get an IG photo of Hudson in his bunny towel and thought it would be to put some peeps around him and say "just a bunny and his peeps" (hehe) well duh me should have realized all he is going to want to do is put those in his mouth!!! Uh no! I gave him an Easter egg to distract him while I snapped a photo and then quickly realized these were coming out so cute! So I grabbed my camera and started snapping away. 

As I was looking through all the photos trying to figure out which ones to share, I started to notice his bunny towel really didn't look like a bunny. So I looked it up online and it's a LAMB!!!! Oh my Hannah! I could not stop laughing at myself. This kind of stuff happens to me all the time. 

Who cares whether it is a lamb or a  bunny these are by far one of my most cherished photos of him. I mean look at all those faces!! I always thought posting of pictures of him crying would be so mean, but hey it's real life and that's what it's all about. 

Happy Easter week! Lots of loves to you. 


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