Our Christmas Shoot

Merry Christmas from our little family of 3! The holidays have been so much fun with Hudson around. Even though he doesn't understand what's going on, I love creating memories and traditions that will carry on for the years to come. 

Life as a mommy these past 4 months have been a dream come true. I have enjoyed and cherished every minute of it. I know every parent thinks this, but he is seriously the best, easy going baby! Which makes my job as mommy so much better. He is filled with SO MUCH joy and personality. He reminds me daily that life is not an emergency and to enjoy every minute of every day. I am so blessed and fortunate to stay home as a full time mommy to Hudson and take care of him. There are days when he will fall asleep in my arms and even though there are items on the agenda, I will just hold him as he sleeps in my arms. I'm so thankful I can experience those moments and have no regrets. 

Hudson is now 4 months old and smiles and giggles all day long, if only you could see my camera roll. He is a great eater and wonderful sleeper. His favorite toys are currently his teething toys (he hasn't gotten any teeth yet), the "Oball" and a light up toy I got for a $1 at Target; go figure. He loves being read books and I just started to use sign language with him (just milk and please). We will see how that goes. He loves his baths and has currently been sleeping through the night for the past month.  

Thanks for following along. Merry Christmas! Xoxo

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